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I would love to hear your thoughts on Avril Lavigne's latest music video (I believe the song is called hello kitty)

If Avril was wearing a sombrero, stuffing her face with tacos, shooting tequila in seedy bars, and speaking broken Spanish whilst hanging out with four identical, despondent Mexican girls, we probably wouldn’t be debating whether or not it was racist.



"gaim’s plot threads are too long, they should be ended in one or two episodes!"

"gaim doesn’t have enough character focus episodes!"

"gaim needs to make the plot tell a more simple message!"

"gaim needs to show the side characters interacting more with the main cast! Even though they’re only shown in passing, we need to know exactly why they feel or do everything they do!"

"gaim needs less talking and more fighting!"

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I totally agree with what you're saying, except for the part about Quebecor. Roughly, it is a disinformating poor-quality mass-media, but the only one in Qc that has a separatist editorial line. PKP himself is a supporter of the PQ (as shown in the recent campaign) I think you mostly refer to Power Corporation (La Presse) owned the even richer P. Desmarais who believes in Canadian federalism

You might be correct here. However, the article in question is from 2012, long before PKP joined the PQ (which certainly doesn’t say anything good about the PQ either).

I’m glad that the piece still resonates with people, but there are a lot of things that would be different if I wrote it today. The PQ ended up being a much more horrific ruling party than I ever could have imagined.

(I hope this is the last message I get pointing out that thing about PKP though, yikes.)